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Nanofiltration Membranes

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TS80 Membrane (4040-TS80-TSF)

TS80 Membrane Elements

TriSep TS80 Membrane is a polyamide nanofiltration membrane with a nominal monovalent ion rejection of 80-90% and >99% rejection of divalent and polyvalent ions. As a result TS80 is considered a “softening” membrane with a typical feed pressure of about 100 psi. TS80 has a molecular weight cut-off between 100-200 Daltons, enabling it to also have high rejection of uncharged organic solutes.
TS40 Membrane (4040-TS40-TSF)

TS40 Membrane Elements

TriSep TS40 Membranes are primarily used in food & dairy and other process applications to separate, purify and desalt organic solutes. TS40 is a piperazine-based nanofiltration membrane with a molecular weight cut-off between 200-300 Daltons. Typical applications include demineralization of whey or lactose, sugar concentration, or separation and UF permeate desalting.
XN45 Membrane (4040-XN45-TSF)

XN45 Membrane Elements

TriSep XN45 Membrane is used for both process streams as well as low pressure water purification. XN45 is a piperazine-based nanofiltration membrane with a molecular weight cut-off of approximately 500 Daltons. Its nominal solute rejection is 10-30% for NaCl and greater than 90% for MgSO4 and sucrose. Typical applications include demineralization of organic solutes, processing of dyes, and organic separations.
UA60 Membrane (4040-UA60-TSA)

UA60 Membrane Elements

TriSep UA60 Membrane is a piperazine-based thin-film composite membrane that is considered both a “tight” UF membrane as well as an “open” or “loose” NF membrane. UA60 has limited monovalent salt pore size and MgSO4 pore size between 70-90%. UA60 has a molecular weight cut-off between 1,000-3,500 Daltons. Due to its unique properties, UA60 is used in process applications requiring a “tight” ultrafiltration membrane or a very “open” nanofiltration membrane.
SB90/SB Cellulose Acetate NF Elements/Blend

SB90 Cellulose Acetate NF Elements

TriSep SB90 Membrane combines the chlorine tolerance of a cellulose acetate membrane with the high polyvalent ion rejection and lower pressure requirements of a nanofiltration membrane. SB90 elements are primarily used in beverage applications where residual chlorine is desired to protect against biogrowth.
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